McAfee Suggests Safety Measures to Use Twitter’s Tip Jar

There are tons of reasons for McAfee being the market leader but at the core is their work ethics. They exist on the foundation of a careful set of values and principles that helps in creating and maintaining a good bond with their clients, workers, and other stakeholders.

Their accurate and consistent ethical business practices have always played a significant role in any success that McAfee has acquired. Their major focus being a cybercrime free world, they also raise awareness and help different sections of communities to improve the standard of their living.

This read is, specifically, focused on suggestions by McAfee on a very new feature that Twitter launched- the Tip Jar. It gave people a way to show gratitude towards one another and was directed towards bringing people closer in the digital world.

But, before knowing what McAfee i.e has to say, let’s know about the feature and its problems in detail.


This section is dedicated to providing you with a clear insight on Tip Jar that Twitter introduced. You’ll be able to understand its motive and the way it works.

In today’s world, where social media is the easiest and the quickest way to give voice to unheard opinions and viewpoints, there are several thousand people who aspire to have a career with that. People understand that there are so many ways people can earn their living via social media.

And Twitter is renowned to be the fastest way of spreading thoughts, news, innovation, or just a simple meme. So, when a Tweet goes viral, there’s a good chance of earning money from it, which is why people going viral add their $Cashtag or their PayPal link.

This is a very indirect way of telling people that you are seeking financial support and/or want to make a living out of it. And to the world’s surprise, Twitter quickly came up with the idea of “Tip Jar” that was aimed at contributing to the cause.

This feature is now available for people using Twitter in English and for certain user groups like professional experts, journalists, non-profit organizations, and the like. When you like a tweet and you feel it’s worth it, you can get into their handles, hit on the “Tip Jar” icon and contribute your share.

You’ll find several payment apps that you can choose to make your payments via your iOS or Android smartphones on selecting the “Tip Jar” icon. These payments are inclusive of Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, and a few more.


Soon after the launch, it was revealed that the feature, though it was a great initiative, had some faults. It is no surprise that technical products are prone to technical errors so, let’s look at the problems that came out on the usage of Tip Jar:

  • Recipients could see and keep track of the sender’s shipping address on using PayPal for the transaction.
  • Several others also divulged that the email address of the users was also clearly displayed even if the transactions haven’t been made, or was interrupted mid-way.
  • With these vulnerabilities, people started anticipating identity theft, where hackers or cybercriminals can pretend to be you and earn money from people worldwide.

Besides these vulnerabilities, more elaborated disadvantages of this feature are the rule regarding dispute charges and the anonymity of Twitter, which you can get familiarized with, in the next section.

Flaws in the Dispute Charge and Anonymity Law

Twitter’s Tip Jar was introduced to help the vast community that exists on the social media platform. However, the problem arose when the prolonged anonymity of users was taken under consideration, which must’ve been considered before the launch.

So, Twitter is a place where you can voice your thoughts and opinions along with totally protecting your real identity. And where users are anonymous without any evidence of sincerity, there are higher risks of fraud.

Another hindrance that hackers and cybercriminals can use is filing dispute complaints regarding payments. This becomes a problem as PayPal, to solve these disputes asks recipients to pay back a minimum of $20. If this is done a few times, they can earn up to $100 to $200 in a day.

And so, McAfee offered a few cures that may be of help.


There are three specific suggestions that McAfee shared with people worldwide to prevent them from such frauds:

Portraying Gratitude can be done without over-sharing data

When you use the Tip Jar, you can very easily avoid entering your shipping address. All you have to do is instead of filling in the address space, you simply have to choose the “No Address Needed” option link.

All your privacy settings must be updated

You, as a user, are susceptible to what happens in your social media accounts. McAfee suggests you always be double-sure of all the privacy settings on the apps you are using along with the third-party payment software. Take note of all their privacy policies and ensure updating the desired changes.

Automatic software updates are the best way to go

McAfee pressures on the point that security researchers work day and night to find and fix any software bug that makes the service vulnerable. Turning the automatic updates on in your settings would mean using the latest enhancements in the security features for your application software.


Mentioned above is a detailed read on Twitter’s Tip Jar feature that was aimed at empowering their community and connecting people with offline support extended to each other. But, it turned out to have several faults and vulnerabilities.

However, as always, McAfee came to the rescue and suggested three specific precautions that can help you prevent these frauds.


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