Quick Ways to Protect your Smart Home

Are you intending to buy smart home technology for your home? But wait! Do you know the tactics to protect it? If not! Then first you should understand the security concerns that might come with your new smart home gadget. Many people among us are using smart electronics gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, wireless networks, smart AC, smart fridges, smart security cameras, and many more in their homes. Everything looks cool about these smart gadgets but the matter of anxiety comes to us when we think about the safety and security of these smart home gadgets.

It is important to know the tactics that can help you to protect your old or new smart home gadget. Many smart home gadgets lack security features and that can be an invitation for many cybercriminals and hackers. Once after accessing the user’s home network, hackers could gain access to all the smart gadgets connected to that network. They can gain access to your security camera and may threat you by getting sensitive video footage or may play vulgar songs on your Bluetooth speakers that can be a sign of a problem at your home.

However, the ways to provide protection to smart home gadgets are quite easy and clear. We have mentioned some tactics that will really help you to protect your smart home easily and quickly. All you need to do is, keep reading and implementing the tactics introduced here on this page.

Tips to Secure Your Smart Home

We can’t deny the fact that IoT devices have scaled up the comfort of tech users everywhere. But on the other hand, these IoT devices also have emerged as a risk to the safety and security of users. Many people are being cheated on the internet daily and this data is increasing day by day. By gaining access to your network hackers may steal important data that can put your private and financial information at risk. So, it is most important to find out ways that can help you to protect your device. To protect your smart home, you need to follow the tips that we have mentioned below.

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  • Strengthen your Wi-Fi network

Insecure Wi-Fi networks can put your privacy at risk as many routers are either not protected or consist of default passwords like “admin”. So, in such a case you need to strengthen the privacy and security of your Wi-Fi network. Make sure to set a strong and unique password for your router to make it more secure. This approach can help you to keep away from the eyes of hackers.

  • Make sure that all account and device passwords are strong and unique

Always remember to create strong and unique passwords for your online accounts. To make your password strong you can take the help of a password manager or try to make a password by including at least 12 characters, one uppercase letter, and one lower, symbols, and number. You can also keep changing the passwords of your online accounts to protect your online privacy.

  • Do research before buying

A smart person always does his part of analysis and research about the product for which he/she is looking. Now, if you have made up your mind to buy a smart gadget for your home then you should go through proper research about the product. You can go through checking the company’s history in the context of data breaches or you can check the reputation for providing security products. Go to the privacy policy page of the company to understand how it shares your personal data with the third party and how they use it. You can also seek customer’s reviews about the product.

  • Make sure that you have enabled multi-factor authentication

If the advance sign-in option is available on the account which you are accessing then your first priority should be to enable the two-factor authentication factor on it. Two-factor authentication may prevent your account from being hacked. You can easily enable multi-factor authentication on your account by providing a valid mobile number on the account security page.

  • Regularly update your devices 

Whether you are using a computer or mobile you should never ignore updates for the operating system, software, and applications. Find the appropriate link to download the updates on your device and then follow the instructions to install it on your device. To install an update on mobile you can locate the application store and also you can configure settings to install the updates automatically on your device.

  • Monitor and secure your network

Do you know how important is it important to ensure that your router is using the WPA encryption security or not? Maybe you have accessed your router in guest mode and it is not protected with the encryption technology. In such a case you need to check the settings of your router and configure the settings to WPA2.

Tip:To provide the ultimate security and safety to your online accounts you can install a holistic security solution software like the “McAfee Total Protection” program to protect your mobile or computer or any other device on which you are accessing your online accounts.


To sum up, online safety and security is the primary concern for many of us. Before buying any smart gadget you need to do proper research about the company and product. There can be different approaches to protect your online privacy and we have illustrated a few of them above in this post. To provide the extra and strong layer of security to your device make sure to install a security solution software on your device as it will protect your device like a guard.


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