5 Ways to Protect Your Digital Identity

Nowadays the use of online services has increased so far. Whether it is the young age group or old, everyone is using online services in almost all aspects such as banking, shopping, social activity, food, and so on. The services that are being offered online are convenient and fast. But there is another side of these online benefits. Whenever you try to access the online services, you need to provide your personal information, banking details, and others. The details that you provide while creating online accounts or purchasing any item online refers to your digital identity.

Your digital identity is as precious as your ornaments and it could be a sign of danger if your digital identity has been stolen by someone. As the use of online services has increased, the threat of digital identity theft has also increased. Now, it becomes important to implement the tactics that can help you to protect your digital identity. So, if you are also looking for ways to protect your money and other important data from hackers and cybercriminals then you need to refer to the ways that we have discussed in this post.

Ways to protect your digital identity from hackers and cybercriminals

The way to protect your digital identity is not so difficult. By following some tactics and installing security solution software you can easily protect your money and important online data from hackers. All you need to do is, approach the ways that we have introduced below to get rid of the headaches and flat-out pain of fraud.

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  • Protect your Device

When I said that “protect your device”, this doesn’t mean protecting the body of your device. It means protecting your device from various types of cyberattacks to make your online journey safe and secure. Hackers and cybercriminals usually try to hack your device by injecting malware or malicious codes on your device via different methods. Whether you are using a mobile or a computer to surf, bank, and shop online you need to be safe during your online activities. The way to protect your device is easy, all you need to do is, install the holistic security solution software that will help you to detect malicious photos, links, files, and other viruses on your mobile or computer. By installing the McAfee Total Security Program you will be able to provide an extra layer of protection to your online activities.

  • Make Unique and Strong Password

While creating online accounts you are always advised to set a unique and strong password for your account. The recommendation of creating strong and unique passwords for your accounts is given to ensure the safety of your online account and other data. The passwords of your accounts are like a key and they can be used to access your online banking or other accounts. Once the hacker gets the keys (passwords) of your account then your money and personal data are not safe anymore. So, always try to create strong and unique passwords for your online accounts by including alphanumeric and special characters.

  • Keep updating the installed apps on your device

If you are making a delay to install the update on your device then it may put you in danger. The updates come with the latest security features and bug fixes that can play an important role to protect your device. Whenever your device prompts an app or software update on your mobile you should visit the App or Play Store on your device to install the updates on your mobile. In case you are using a computer then you should keep the operating system up to date.

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  • Avoid oversharing on Social Media

Social media is a place where we usually share our life events, thoughts, memories, current status, and so on. Hackers and cybercriminals can use information such as date of birth, workplace, name of your first school or car, and others to hack your online accounts. So, while posting something on your social account make sure that you are not sharing any kind of sensitive information that can affect your online privacy.

  • Think twice before clicking on an unknown link

Hackers use to send malicious links and files via your email address. If you find any email that has come from an unknown address and asking you to click on a link or download a file on your device then you need to ignore clicking on the link or downloading the file as it may include malware within it. While surfing online you should think twice before clicking on a link from an unknown source.


To sum up, you can protect your digital identity by implementing some easy and quick tactics. The easy and quick ways to protect your online activity are introduced by us in this post. Make sure to install the holistic security solution software on your device to protect your device from various cyber-attacks. McAfee Total Security Program detects the viruses and malicious links on your device and alerts you before committing any mistake that can result in money and data being stolen from your device.


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