Easy Tips to Protect Kids from Popular App Frauds

The number of cases of fraudulent activities is increasing day by day. Nowadays a lot of people are talking about digital apps that are becoming a medium for the fraudsters to cheat people. The discussion is not only limited to TikTok or Twitch but also there are a lot of popular apps that are being used to cheat people in different ways. Due to their impulsive and casual behavior about online privacy, the kids are being the victim of cybercriminals.

The increment in the number of app scams has been increased so far. This is due to lack of awareness and knowledge about the usage of new and unauthentic apps. Daily we visit the application store and install the app without even researching its authenticity.

The downloading and installing of the popular scam apps are not only limited to the Play Store users but also there are a great number of installations on the App Store as well. App Store officials have claimed that there are lots of apps that are not trustworthy and they have cheated lots of people via app scams.

App scams are a new trend to cheat people. Whenever you install an app that is being controlled by scammers, you may be asked forcefully to pay for any unwanted subscription or any reason. According to a report, the scammers have made the amount of $48 million in a single day by cheating people who had downloaded the scam apps via App Store.

Why are teens being targeted?

When it comes to targeting people, the first choice of hackers is teenagers as it is easier to trap a teen than a younger one for app scams. There are several factors after targeting teens. Teens are not sensitive regarding their online privacy because they have a lack of knowledge and awareness.

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Spending more time on social media and sharing a lot of personal information without knowing the risk factors is one of the probable reasons that may invite hackers to target teenagers. Using your information hackers can offer kids fake offers to cheat them. Let’s see how dating apps and cash apps are being a platform of fraudulent activities for teens.

Dating Apps and Security Apps

Dating apps are not trustworthy and hackers and cybercriminals may steal your important information from these apps. Sometimes dating apps ask for such information that is not relevant and teens share this information without thinking a single time about the risk of hacking and other online criminal activities. Since the pandemic time, many teens have been the victim of hackers via dating apps.

The security apps also have been involved in the app scam. The user thinks that he is protecting his device by installing the security app but it never happens. Using these security apps, hackers might force you to purchase subscriptions or ask for irrelevant payment.

Cash and Gaming Apps

Kids are also being the victim of cybercriminals over the cash apps like Venmo or Zelle. These apps ask to provide personal and banking information from their users. Hacking may steal this information for fraudulent activities. Gaming apps attract teens to install them. If these gaming apps are controlled by hackers or cyber criminals then it might be a problem for you as hackers can ask you to pay for unwanted gaming subscriptions and also for other payments.

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Tips to be safe from these app scams

We have mentioned some tips below that will help you to be safe from these types of app scams. You can also install a holistic security solution program on your device to protect it from app scams.

  • Research before installing an app

Before installing any new application on your device make sure to do proper homework on it. You can read customer reviews, look for the ratings and developer’s reputation in the market. By doing so, you can avoid installing a malicious or hacked application on your mobile or computer.

  • Avoid clicking on unknown links

Avoid sharing your personal information with anyone as it may put your online privacy at risk. Avoid clicking on the malicious link that you have received via email. There are lots of popups that may ask you to download and install an app that is not trusted. So, you need to verify first before approaching any unknown link or installing an app.

  • Pay attention while providing the permissions

Whenever you install a new app on your device then it asks you to allow permission such as the gallery, contacts, camera, phone, audio, video, and others. Sometimes certain apps ask to allow those permissions that are not required to run that app. So, in such a case check that you are only allowing that permission that cannot be a risk for you.

  • Install an Antivirus Program on Your Device

Whether you are using a mobile or a computer, the security and safety of the data of your device must be the priority. Experts always recommend installing antivirus software on your device that can protect your device from various fraudulent activities.

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To sum up, to detect the malicious code or a virus on your device you need to install a holistic security program on it. McAfee Total Protection Program provides ultimate protection to users’ data. You can easily give a strong layer of protection to your device by installing it on your mobile or computer.


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