McAfee Renew – McAfee Antivirus Renewal

McAfee is the only company that puts energy, effort and humanity into its work by offering antivirus solutions and services, which can be called care packages for society.

Their solutions are designed and crafted to achieve one sole purpose- fighting and conquering against the most dangerous threat of the digital age- cyber crimes.

They constitute diversity and appreciation similar to the environment they exist in. They also encourage the members of the organization to give back to society other than just antivirus solutions and protection to digital footprints.

Here, in this read, you’ll get to know about different McAfee products, their subscriptions and the special McAfee Renew plans. So, hop on and take the journey through these details.


When we talk about McAfee solutions, it is the best in its line and has been leading the antivirus market for quite a long time. There are three significant characteristics that all of McAfee products and services have.

So, before we discuss any subscription or McAfee Renew plan, let’s take a peek into the traits:

  • Innovation- McAfee products and solutions give us great satisfaction when it comes to innovative and new ways to fight the dynamic and ever-evolving world of cybercrime.
  • Industry-related Reports and News- It provides all of the reports and news of the industry and the organization that is significant for the members of society. They believe in complete transparency.
  • Added Services- They offer customer success plans, consulting services, and education services to benefit society in every way possible.

Cluster of McAfee Products via

Given below is the list of all the products that McAfee has designed to help humanity in taking a stand against cyber threats and fight against cybercrime with a vision to make it extinct in the near future:

  • Total Protection
  • Safe Connect
  • WebAdvisor
  • Techmaster Concierge
  • Gamer Security
  • Safe Family
  • Mobile Security
  • Virus Removal Services

Most Loved McAfee Product

McAfee Total Protection is one of their solutions that have been loved and appreciated, and of course, the most used, all over the globe. This is the best among all the others.

This is an award-winning antivirus solution and the brand likes to define it as “it’s more than antivirus software, it is peace of mind”.

Yes, McAfee Renew works for this software too. But let’s discuss the major features first:

  • Offers a wide coverage of protection for your devices, important data, and proof of identity.
  • Allows shredding files of sensitivity, getting rid of cache and cookies, etc.
  • Comes inclusive of various tools that do not affect the performance of your computer systems or devices.

Now, enlisted are the benefits that you would be yielding from McAfee Total Protection:

  • Shields your personal and financial information/data from any potential fraud.
  • Grants stress-free banking, shopping, and browsing on Wi-Fi networks.
  • Offers assurance on sites that are safe for you to visit.

So, let’s talk about the subscription of Total Protection, the associated McAfee Renew plan.


Getting an antivirus solution is never the key. You have to be very careful when deciding which antivirus solution to choose. Although McAfee Total Protection supports and satisfies all your concerns, there are different packages and maybe additional benefits. Let’s see what are they:

Subscription Plan 1 (1year for 1 device)

The first plan is for $36.37 offering several services, Here’s what you get:

  • Appreciated across the world
  • Security for VPN
  • Optimization of its performances
  • Security for home networks
  • Online support and expert advice
  • Password management
  • Storage encryption
  • Web browsing safety
  • McAfee Shredder

Subscription Plan 2 (1 year for 5 devices)

This plan is for $42.43 offering all the above-mentioned services in Multi-device Compatibility.

Subscription Plan 3 (1 year for 10 devices)

This plan costs $48.50 offering all the services mentioned above, and inclusive of Multi-device Compatibility and the Safe Family feature.

The important thing to know is, all of these plans are capable of the McAfee Renew plan, or the subscription renewal plan. However, these prices are only for the first year, it increases from the next year you opt to renew it.

Renewal of Your Subscriptions

All your antivirus subscriptions automatically get enrolled for the McAfee Renew plans, updates and upgrades, the moment you purchase or subscribe a software.

30 days before the subscription reaches its expiration date, the credit card registered gets billed and your McAfee Renew gets taken care of.

But, there can be cases when the auto-renewal is disabled, you will be notified 11 months post-purchase about the expiration date, which then lets you either renew or upgrade your current plan.

Two ways will prove to be helpful at the time of McAfee Renew– manual steps to renew, and Virtual Assistant. The Virtual Assistant is an in-built website technology that helps you with your McAfee Renew plans. You can find it at the bottom right of your screen, and ask for any help or guidance that you need. Now, let’s go through the steps that you can take care of manually:

  1. Go to the official McAfee Antivirus subscription site online.
  2. Go for “My Account” and then for the “Sign In” option.
  3. Get into your subscription account using your credentials.
  4. Direct the cursor to “My Account” and go for “Subscriptions”.
  5. Hit on the “Renew” option link to reactivate the subscription.
  6. Follow the prompted instructions required to finish the process.


This read is focused on the relief that McAfee Renew provides with its extraordinary antivirus products and solutions.

This helps in reducing and safeguarding the digital footprints that lead you to a new and much safer online world. They have multiple products for multiple purposes and offer several subscription plans for each.

McAfee Total Protection details and subscription plans are mentioned above to help you find the best-suited plan for you, your family/friends, and even an organization.

It is, then, followed by information on the automatic McAfee Renew feature, manual McAfee Renew steps, and the Virtual Assistant that provides guidance.